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    Welcome to Pitts School Road Elementary, where we believe “you are home here.”  We have the most amazing school family, dedicated and engaging teachers, superior support staff, and caring and supportive administrative and leadership teams.  We pride ourselves on being accepting, encouraging, and bringing our best every day.  We exist to serve every child and family.

    Our key goal for each student is to personalize their learning and ensure consistent growth in a caring and loving classroom and school environment.  We are an award winning PBIS school because we believe about each child’s character development as well.  Our school is extremely welcoming and inclusive because we want every child, family, teacher, and staff member to love being at our school.      

    As the proud PSRES principal, I want to ensure that all our students experience the most wonderful 6 years of elementary education.  We love providing opportunities for our kids to shine and showcase their strengths, gifts, and talents.  We challenge ourselves to be the best group of teachers, teacher assistants, support staff, and leadership team in the state of NC.     

    I love that so many people acknowledge that our school “feels” different.  It “feels” like home and it “feels” like a place you want to be and stay.  We hope you feel this every day.  I believe the best is yet to come and know we have so much to offer every student.  You have our forever commitment as we welcome you home to PSRES. 


    Always serving,

    Mr. Christopher D. Smith

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