Degrees and Certifications:

Kent State University Bachelor of Science in Education Integrated Science Education 7-12 with a Life Science focus

Ms. Haley Moore

I am so excited to join you on your journey through your last year of middle school! I moved here from Ohio last year and I am so happy to be here at Northwest Middle School! I attended Kent State University where I studied Integrated Science Education. This year in science class you can expect to do many fun activities and learn about some really neat stuff!


You may check this web page for daily and weekly updates about what we are doing in class. You may always contact me via email at


Go Titans! 



ATTENTION: All office hours for every teacher have been post poned until further notice starting today 3/31/2020. Thanks.

As we are experiencing this new and trying time. I will be posting updates and new content on my google classroom! If you have any questions I will have office hours for each class period 1 time a week. The office hours for 3rd and 4th period will be held on Tuesdays -- 3rd period 11:30-12:00 and 4th period 12:00-12:30. The office hours for 5th and 6th period will be held on Thursdays --- 5th period 2:30-3:00 and 6th period 3:00-3:30. During this time I will be available, LIVE, on Microsoft teams to talk, answer questions and give support. To access Microsoft teams, log on to then click the teams icon. Each classroom has a code to enter to join to correct team. These codes can be found on Google Classroom.



Download the Remind App on your phone and text @8helios to 81010 to receive updates from the Helios team and homeroom teachers. This will be a critical communication tool during remote learning!



Period 3: mox3sq6

Period 4: rawjhml

Period 5: rxgcan3

Period 6: wpt36ru

Google Classroom is where students can find all work uploaded during the regular school year AND during the extended learning time. To access Google Classroom log on to google with your school account, go to google classroom and click the + to join a classroom. Type in the correct code based on your class period and then you should immediately be able to access materials I have posted. 


If you need help logging on to the google apps with your CCS log in from home---please refer to the classroom documents link to the left of this page. There is a guide provided by our Technology Facilitator that shows step by step how to log on!


Binder Organization List: 


1. Lab Safety Contract signed by you and your parent/guardian

2. Lab Equipment Sheet

3. Length and Volume notes

4. Observation/Inference Notes (EES only)

4. Length Practice

5. Volume Practice

6. Locker PBL (8th science only)

7. Physical Properties Notes

8. Chemical Physical Changes Notes

9. Gummy Bear Lab (EES Only)

10. Mass, Volume, Density Practice Sheet

11. Density Gizmo

12. Layers Lab

13. Friday Measurement Review

14. Science Materials/Procedures Wkst

15. States of Matter Reading

16. States of Matter cut and paste

17. Knowledge Check

18. Crossword

19. States of Matter Venn Diagram

20. Periodic Table Reading

21. Periodic Table Magic Square

22. Periodic Table Notes

* Periodic Table Webquest EES Only*

22. Atomic Structure Notes

23. Blue Bohr Model and Lewis Dot wkst

24. Valence Electrons Notes

25. Element Square wkst

26. Periodic Trends wkst

27. Periodic Trends wkst

28. Atomic Mass wkst

29. Creating Atomic models

30. Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures Reading

31. Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Reading #2

32. Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Notes

33. Heterogeneous/Homogeneous half sheet

34. Elements, Compounds and Mixtures sheet #3

35. ECM practice (blue)

36. Solutions Notes

37. Acids and Bases Reading

38. Alien Juice Bar

39. PH gizmo/ color by number

40. Cabbage Juice Lab

41. ECM shapes Practice

42. Balancing Equations Notes (yellow half sheet)

43. Balancing Equations Notes (practice)

44. Balancing Equations Practice (green)

45. Balancing Equations (Pink)

46. Study Guide


47. Non-Renewable Notes

48. PSA PBL worksheets

49. Renewable Notes

50. Wonderville

51. Renew-A-Bean Lab