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David Savage

My Why


Just a little bit about my educational history.


I graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology with emphasis on Physical Education.


I also graduated from the San Diego State University Credential Program with a Single Subject Credential in Physical Education and Social Sciences.


I also have a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership.


I am Proud to be Coaching the Boys and Girls Volleyball Teams here at Sage Creek High School.


I am also happily married and have an amazing son and daughter.


I have been teaching in the Carlsbad Unified School district for 15 years. I started out at Calavera Hills Middle School then went to Valley Middle School.


It has all ways been my main objective to teach on the high school level and I am very happy and proud to be at Sage Creek High School.


How to use a Combination lock
How to use a Combination lock
My Why