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Physical Education

Sage Creek PE Team
Sarah Eichler (760) 331-6705 Dance-English-Co VAPA Dept Chair
Danny Kung (760) 331-6684 Physical Ed Dept. Chair
Robin Newsom-Wuertz (760) 331-6679 ASL-Phys Ed
David Savage (760) 331-6686 Phys Ed


Period 1 Strength & Conditioning      Period 2 PE 1-C      Period 3 PE 1-C      Period 4 PE 1-C  



    Period 5 PE 1-C



Period 1 PE 1-C      Period 2  Life Fitness      Period 3 PE 1-C      Period 4 Life Fitness

Physical Education syllabuses

PE 1A-1C: Click Here

Strength and Conditioning: Click Here

Life Fitness: Click Here

Our Mission

To provide a vigorous, enjoyable, and safe physical education environment.

Our Vision

Sage Creek Physical Education Department is committed to provide a rigorous, enjoyable and safe physical education environment. Students will be exposed to a variety of sports and activities that will help build different skill sets that will help build better physical fitness.  Students will also be exposed to physiological and sociological concepts and principles that will be integrated into team sports, dualistic and individual sports.

Students will also learn items that related to health, drugs, nutrition, personal wellness and sex education to meet CUSD health standards.

Core Values

Students will incorporate the benefits of The Big Three:
Exercise: causes a surge in your body’s production of endorphins which helps reduce  stress and makes you feel better.
Nutrition:  is the foundation of good health.  
Sleep:  is required for growth, regaining strength and clear thinking
As well as the school's core values of being your B.E.S.T

PFT Administration

The California Department of Education (CDE) recently announced that PFT procedures and requirements for 2021-22 will remain in place for the 2022-23 school year, including:

  • PFT should only be administered during the testing window from Feb. 1 through May 31.
  • All students in grades 5, 7, and 9 will participate in physical fitness using the FITNESSGRAM assessments and their results recorded. 

Athletic PE