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The inclusion of an Advisory period in Sage Creek’s academic day is in support of students’:

  • Development of a strong sense of community with grade-level Advisory sections that loop for the four years of high school; 9th-grade Advisories will also meet with Link Crew leaders monthly to support a positive transition to Sage Creek

  • Participation in lessons that support students’ access to planning resources, preparation for post-secondary life, as well as reinforcing positive personal/social development

  • Take care of the "business of doing business" (i.e. campus communications, emergency response drills)

  • Provide students time within their school week to meet with their teachers to get support with subjects and content that are challenging. 


Heart Wall Installations from #EveryMindMatters (Suicide Prevention Month activities)

Advisory Lessons 2021-2022 by Trimester 

1st Trimester AdvisorieS 

September Advisory Lesson Topics & Foci: Suicide Prevention Month activities, National Safety Week, Start with Hello Week, Kelvin Pulsecheck, Friend 2 Friend Intro, STAR testing (Sept 29th)

 October Advisory Lesson Topics & Foci: The "Upside of Stress", Club Rush (Oct 13th), Recycling & Waste Management presentation (training), Red Ribbon Week & Student Assembly with MADD, Genius Project Planning (12th) 

November Advisory Lesson Topics & Foci: to be determined

2nd Trimester Advisories

December Advisory Lesson Topics & Foci: Positive transitions to the trimester, Cornell Note Taking and Academic Strategies for Success, Seeing the "Good" -2nd of Gratitude Series (UC Berkeley's Greater Science Good Center), Seeing the "Good in Others" & Bucket Filling 3rd of Gratitude Series and 6 Ways to Have an Awesome Winter Break (Positively frame the holidays and manage expectations).

January Advisory Lesson Topics & Foci: to be determined

February Advisory Lesson Topics & Foci: to be determined

March Advisory Lesson Topics & Foci: to be determined

3rd Trimester Advisories

March Advisory Lesson Topics & Foci: Preview of JIVE Expo, Resume Building in Naviance & Community Activity (March 30th)

April Advisory Lesson Topics & Foci: PTSA JIVE Expo (April 6th), April 13th Tutorial (tentatively), April 27th Genius Project, and to be determined 

May Advisory Lesson Topics & Foci: to be determined

June Advisory Lesson Topics & Foci: to be determined


Day One: Expectations Scripts

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Academics Locker
10/4/18 4:42 PM
9/20/18 6:41 PM
11/12/18 5:51 PM
6/3/22 11:16 PM