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Requesting Letter(s) of Recommendation

LOR Important dates & information:

Students must request their LOR's by the following DEADLINES

September 29th: For applications due in October or November

November 3rd: For applications due in December or later

UC's and CSU's DO NOT accept or require Letters of Recommendation!

End of Junior/Senior Year Process:

Requesting Letter(s) of Recommendation (LOR) for college applications:

  1. Log into Naviance 
  2. Click the Document Resources folder (bottom left of homepage)
  3. Select the Junior Folder or Senior Folder
  4. Select the "LOR Procedure 2023-24". Review the steps outlined to request your letter(s) of recommendation.
  5. Lastly, complete the Counselor Letter of Recommendation (LOR) online form.

9th-11th Grade Process:

9-11th graders who need LORs for scholarships, summer (special) program, etc. must complete the following steps at least 3 weeks before their deadline:

  1. In Naviance, select the About Me tab and complete and/or update a resume.
  2. Email your assigned counselor the scholarship information including; program website, application deadline, and any other relevant information.

Be thorough with your resume and Counselor letter of recommendation survey so that your counselors can write a strong and genuine letter.