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Shannon Alberts (760) 331-6640 English
Melissa Barry (760) 331-6642 English-Yearbook-Link Crew
Sarah Eichler (760) 331-6705 Dance-English-Co VAPA Dept Chair
Andrea Fett (760) 331-6637 English
Matt Haupert (760) 331-6642 English
Sarah Hunter (760) 331-6636 English
Maggie Mandal (760) 331-6639 English
Rachel Merino-Ott (760) 331-6641 English
George Porter (760) 331-6638 English
Jen Strawser (760) 331-6644 English
Marisa Thompson (760) 331-6709 English-MMJ

Our Mission

To prepare students for college and career level reading, writing, oral communication and digital literacy.


Our Vision

The Sage Creek English teachers are passionate about our students and their individual stories and success. Using that as our foundation, our team works collaboratively with each other and with students to foster a passion for reading, build a solid foundation in written and oral communication, and have a command of digital literacy. We create a rigorous curriculum that empowers students to think critically, make meaningful connections with the human experience, and to communicate their analysis in a variety of creative and innovative mediums. Students will be challenged with texts ranging from classic literature to current non-fiction pieces to film and other multimedia. We believe that given the right set of skills, combined with their independent drive and guided collaboration, our students will become engaged 21st century participants.



Alumni Experience

“The Sage Creek English Department has prepared me in every way to be  successful in college. Through the oral  communication, craftsmanship of essays, and ability to understand and thoughtfully process text, I have been able to find success in all my classes.”

Chloe McGovern, ‘18

College: Cal Poly SLO

Major: Food Science



“The English Department has guided me to become an articulate, thoughtful writer who excels in comparison to my peers due to my writing ability. By exposing me to all different types of writing (such as traditional essays, organic essays, annotated bibliographies, blog posts, narratives, and poems, to name a few) and structuring classes in a manner that I have had the opportunity to practice them all throughout my four year English career, few writing assignments surprised me in college (and consequently there were few that my professors found sub par).”

Heather Feldmann, ‘17

College: United States Naval Academy

Major: Engineering

Check out what's happening in our classrooms:

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Our Digitally Agile Students Use:
Our Digitally Agile Students Use:

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