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SCHS Mathematics Team
Agatha Brown (760) 331-6613 Mathematics
Frederick Griesbach (760) 331-6605 Mathematics
Domenic Manente (760) 331-6602 Mathematics
Lynette Nicolas (760) 331-6606 Mathematics
Jeff Simon (760) 331-6618 Mathematics
Allison Stock (760) 331-6601 Mathematics
Erin Turner (760) 331-6610 Mathematics
Sue Woolley (760) 331-6681 Mathematics Dept Chair

Our Mission:

To engage students in the application of mathematics.

Our Vision:

The Sage Creek Math Department is committed to cultivating the best mathematical thinkers that students can become.  The department strives for rigor, application, and excellence in preparing students for college and career success.  We accept that people have varying degrees of readiness to master mathematics, so we make every effort to give students different avenues by which to access and develop mathematical thinking.   

Math Pathways
Math Pathways

Math Textbooks Online

Digital math textbooks  and interactive textbooks for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 can be found online at

Digital math textbooks for Statistics and AP Statistics can be accessed on

All digital math textbooks can be accessed using the CUSD Clever portal logging in using your google account on your chromebook