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Forks Up!



7:30am - 4:00pm 

Please call or email Mrs. South if you would like to make an appointment to meet with her.

(760) 331-6659


Student Store Hours and Location:

The Student Store is located on the second floor of the 1000 building in between the student restrooms. The hours are as follows:

Tuesday: Lunch and After School (3:30-3:45pm)

Wednesday: 8:15am-8:30am and After school 

Early Out: 2:30-2:45pm

Non Early Out: 3:30-3:45pm

Thursday: Lunch and After School (3:30-3:45pm)

Any Finance Business needed between students and Mrs. South will be conducted out of the Student Store unless Admin Approval has been granted for separate appointments conducted out of the Account Tech Office.


SCHS Finances

ASB Accounting TechNICIAN
Jocelyn South (760) 331-6659 ASB Accounting Tech


The ASB Accounting Technician performs a variety of technical accounting duties in support of ASB high school accounts and functions; process, evaluate and record various transactions; maintain, balance, reconcile and adjust assigned accounts; prepare and maintain a variety of financial and statistical records and reports.


PURCHASE ORDER (First step before an expense occurs):

Before a purchase (expense) is made, it must be pre-approved by the club and ASB via a purchase order. A purchase order form along with all supporting documentation must be approved in the ASB business meeting before an expense occurs. Requests must be made by 1pm on Mondays in order to be created, signed and added to the Wednesday agendas. If these requests are not made by 1pm then it will be placed on the following week's agenda. Please plan accordingly.


After the items are received and accounted for, a check request form, vendor invoice, original receipt and packing slip must be turned in and approved through the ASB business meeting. Upon approval, a check will be cut and sent to the vendor. 


A club or team ASK is purely a request for a donation. The club/team cannot  legally require a student to donate in order to participate in the club/team. Donations are tax deductible. Funds should be collected via the ASB WebStore. Do not turn in donations to the Advisor or Coach.


A fundraiser form must be requested and approved a minimum of 2 weeks before the date of the fundraiser. Once it is approved through the ASB business meeting, the club advisor will be notified. If it is not approved, there will be a follow up email sent directly to the advisor.


Cash should not be collected by any Advisor or Coach. All items should be published on the WebStore.

Finance Documents

We've gone DIGITAL! To request DocHub documents, please visit the HUB for the Google Form link.