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The Design Team

Final Recommendations for Sage Creek High School

After a year of hard work, the Sage Creek Design Team has completed their recommendations for Sage Creek High School.  Click here to see these recommendations.

Design Team Purpose

The purpose of the Design Team is to add definition and details to our plans for Sage Creek High School. This new high school at College Boulevard and Cannon Road is scheduled to upon in Fall 2013.  Members of the Design Team will represent and provide vital input from the perspective of various stakeholders, including students, certificated and classified staff, administrators, parents, higher education,  business representatives, and community members at large.

Team Makeup

The Design Team, lead by Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services, Suzanne O'Connell, is comprised of staff (credentialed, classified, and administration), parent, community, and student representatives. The goal of the Design Team is to develop recommendations for the Carlsbad Unified School District Board to consider as the opening date draws closer.

There are seven subcommittees:

  • Program Focus - STEM
  • Bell Schedules
  • Founding Class(es)
  • School Identity
  • Extra-curricular Offerings
  • Lottery Language/Options
  • Technology/Marketing

Each subcommittee is tasked with researching their topics and reporting out to the rest of the committee as final recommendations are drafted.

Click here to access a list of team members' names.


June 2011
Design Team meets as a group for the first time; committee assignments are made; meeting schedule is set.

August 2011
Design Team begins monthly meetings; committees report out; visits are scheduled.

March 2012
Sage Creek Principal is named; community forums begin.

June 2012
Design Team presents recommendations to Superintendent.                                  

July 2012
Principal is released full time; begins teacher recruitment.

October 2012
Leadership Team is selected; student recruitment begins.

December 2012
Apply for CDS Code

January 2013
Hire staff; begin teambuilding.

April 2013
Focus groups meet

September 2013
Sage Creek High School opens