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In Lak'ech

Aleesha George

¡Bienvenidos y saludos!

Soy la Srta. George. This is my third year here at Sage Creek & I am thrilled to be teaching Spanish 1A, 1B & 2B this 2022-2023 school year! I am originally from the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles where I grew up with my two sisters, my 13th generation American father and my mother who is a first generation immigrant from Baja California, Mexico. I received my BAs in Spanish and Global Studies from UC Santa Barbara (Go Gauchos!), and shortly after graduating I began as an Assistant Spanish Teacher at the Mirman School in Los Angeles, an independent K-8 for gifted children. After a wonderful academic year and a summer filled with entertaining and teaching preschoolers, I moved to San Diego! Here I had the wonderful opportunity to attend UCSD's M.Ed. and credentialing program, where I got to work alongside amazing veteran teachers all throughout the San Diego Unified School District. 


Outside of the classroom, I spend most of my time on the hunt for delicious restaurants all over San Diego, cooking, traversing the border to visit my family in Ensenada, planning day trips around California, gardening and adding to my collection of perfumes (I used to be a fragrance consultant at Sephora :D).


Ultimately, I want my students to value and love language and use it as the bridge to perspectives that it is. Being a part of two very different cultures has informed not only my identity but also how I see the world and how I want to contribute to it- particularly in my career as a Spanish teacher. Traveling, interacting with other cultures, & navigating my own wild bicultural world has fueled my desire to teach my students the delight of being a global citizen. I am eager to continue my journey as a language teacher and provide future generations with the tools they need for our ever changing world.