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    My name is Tony Verde, and I've been an educator for over 10+ years.  This is my seventh year at Mount Pleasant High School.




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    Course Outlines:

    Earth and Environmental Science(EES) - the function of the Earth's systems.  Emphasis is placed on Earth in the Universe, Earth's system, structures and environmental awareness.  We will also examine the cycles that circulate both energy and material throughout the Earth.

    Honors EES will focus on the functions of the Earth's systems in a more in-depth, detailed and demanding perspective.  Special emphasis on hands-on projects, application of concepts as well as human interactions with both the Earth's geologic and environmental systems.

    AP Environmental Science - APES  - The goal of this course is to provide students with the scientific principles, concepts and methodologies required to understanding the interrelationship of the natural world.  Students will identify and analyze both past and present environmental problems both natural and human-made; evaluate the relative risks associated with these problem and to create alternative solutions for resolving and/or preventing.  Upon completion of the course and test score a College credit may be granted.

    Prerequisite: Honors EES, Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry with a B or better grade.  OR EES, Biology, Chemistry with a A.
    Biology - is the study of living things. Major areas of emphasis in this course are scientific inquiry, cells, heredity, evolution, the unity and diversity of life, and ecology. Laboratory work accompanies a variety of teaching methods in the course.