HOSA is an international organization for students interested in any health profession. This includes the traditional roles people often think of (doctors, nurses, physical therapists, etc.) plus many others people often don’t consider such as biomedical engineering, epidemiology, veterinary science, dentistry, medical art and photography, etc.


    Students can compete at district, state and international levels. District competition is in the fall, state in March and international in June. We have had students competing at the international level for the past 2 years. It costs $20 to join.


    HOSA provides students an opportunity to interact with other students, adults, healthcare personnel and educational institutes related to their interests. We also normally have multiple school-based activities throughout the year but that has been somewhat curtailed this year. Many of the people coming into the healthcare workforce participated in HOSA while they were in school and it helps build common bonds – most jobs are all about who you know.


    Club Advisor is Mrs. Caviness.