• Chromebook Return Info.

    Students will turn in their Chromebook when it is their last day on campus. They should be finished completing ALL of their exams (Teacher made, CTE, and EOC) prior to turning in their Chromebook or Hotspot (if applicable).


    Chromebook Return Dates and Times:

    Thurs., June 1st - A check-in station will be in the Commons area from 12:40-2:30pm for seniors that flex 4th block to turn-in their Chromebook. 

    Thurs., June 1st - Students will check-in their chromebook with their 4th block teacher UNLESS they need to take an EOC/CTE/Teacher Made exam. Teachers will use the Chromebook Return online form and collect Chromebooks on this day.

    June 2, 5th-8th  After students finish their very last final exam, students will check-in their Chromebook to their exam teacher. Teachers will use online form to complete. Teachers will return Chromebook loaner and charger on June 8th to Mr. Schladensky.

  • How to Prepare Your Chromebook for Return

    Chromebook Labels

    1. Make sure your name is on both your Chromebook and charger prior to return. Ask your Advisory teacher for a spare name label if you don't have one.
    2. Clean Chromebook with an alcohol wipe. 
    3. Wrap charger cord and place into ziploc bag provided by teacher.


    Chromebook Fees

    Unreturned Chromebook $250
    Unreturned Charger $40
    Major Damage $75
    Minor Damage $25

    Please use the K12 Payment Center to pay fees.

  • Chromebook Support

    How to Refresh your Battery

    1. Plug power cord in Chromebook.
    2. Hold down the Power Button Key and Refresh key (just above the #4 key) for about 10 seconds then let up.
    3. Press Power Button for about 2 secs. and let up to see if laptop will turn on.
    4. If successful, check battery level in far-right corner to see if it displays a lightning bolt and is getting a charge.
    5. Continue to leave plugged in to see if Chromebook will charge up to 100%.


    How to check Your chromebook's version

    At the Chromebook login screen, press the ALT key and V Key. The Chromebook version will display in the top right corner of the Chromebook. It should read something like Google Chrome 112.  Press the ALT Key and V Key again to remove this display option.


    Chrome Browser update step-by-step directions
    Click HERE learn how to update your Chrome Browser


    CHROME BROWSER Update Video

    Click here to watch how to update the Chrome Operating system to the Highest version.

    CCS is allowing chromebooks to climb to version 112 as the highest version.


Chromebook Help Ticket (Incident IQ)

How to Login to a Chromebook at School