About your Athletic Trainer at Winkler Middle School

    For those of you who do not know me, my name is Amy Leslie and I am the licensed certified athletic trainer at Harold E. Winkler Middle School.  My job responsibilities include the prevention, evaluation, management, and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries that may occur during the many athletic practices and events that take place at Winkler and at away competitions.

    I want to formally introduce myself and make it known that I am here at Winkler to provide the best care possible for your child in the event that medical treatment is necessary. I received my Bachelor of Science in athletic training from Greensboro College in Greensboro, NC and my Masters of Education in health and physical education from Columbus State University in Columbus, GA.

    Per school and state policy, I must have three forms, with parent/guardian signature, on file from each athlete.  The first is a valid physical performed by a physician. Physicals are valid for 395 days. The second is a completed information form with emergecny contact info, insurance status, residential address, etc. The final is a signed form stating that both the parent/guardian and student-athlete has received education on concussions. Without these forms, your child will not be allowed to participate in athletics at Harold E. Winkler Middle School.

    In the event of an injury, in which I feel needs a physician's attention, I will contact you immediately, so that you will be well-informed and can determine what will be in the best interest of your child. I have a link to my email at the bottom of this section, so please feel free to email me if you have questions or concerns.

    I am very excited to start my seventh year here and am looking forward to working with all of the fine athletes at Winkler.  I hope to meet you during the many events that we will be attending to help cheer for the Wolves!

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    Have you ever wondered what an athletic trainer does besides tape ankles and fill water bottles? Well take a look at this video and see if it helps answer a few questions.


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    **Note: the beginning page looks slightly different now than in my video since they updated the system. 



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