• Mrs. Turner's 4th Grade Math and Science Classes
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    August 29th- September 2nd
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    Math: The first week of school students will be learning new math procedures for 4th grade. Students will also be reviewing graphing skills with smarties, reviewing multiplication facts with a 5 Minute Frenzy, and learning how to play Sudoku.



    math challenge

    It is very important that students know their multiplication facts and are fluent. This is the expectation. Students will also continue their spiral review using Math4Today. This sheet will be done at school Monday-Thursday! Students will take this sheet home Thursdays to study. Math4Today Quizzes will be on Fridays.


    Math MVP

    Week 1:  (A Block);  (B Block)

     Week 2:  (A Block);  (B Block)

      Week 3:  (A Block);   (B Block)

      Week 4:  (A Block);   (B Block)


    Monthly Word Problem Sheet: Each month, students will have a monthly word problem sheet that will be completed at home. We will check one week at a time each Friday. Students can choose the amount of problems they want to solve each night. Problem solving is a very important skill in math and our goal is that students become excellent problem solvers by practicing different strategies to solve a problem. Time will be given in class for assistance as needed. Monthly Word Problems will be given out September 1st.


    Science: The first week of school, students will be analyzing what makes someone a scientist. Students will also be looking at a STEM challenge on Friday, September 2nd.


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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

There are no past due assignments.

     Math Vocabulary Words:
    Building a Math Community through Real Data Unit 1:
    Categorical data, numerical data, frequency tables, scaled bar graphs, and/or line plots
    Daily Schedule


    Connect Classes Schedule
    Day 1: 5th Block
    Day 2: Fit Lab
    Day 3: Music
    Day 4: Art
    Day 5: PE
    Day 6: A Week Guidance/ B Week Media


  • Australia

    Australian New- 1st Quarter students will be learning about the culture and geography of Australia

    Australia is Shrinking?


    Photo: Flickr: Travellers Travel Photobook, CC BY 2.0

  • House System
    The Objectives of HES Houses:
    ● To create a sense of community and promote cohesion among staff and students throughout the entire school
    ● To hold students accountable to high academic and social expectations
    ● To maintain and foster quality and meaningful relationships with each child
    4th Grade students will be drafted into houses September 2nd! Once students are sorted, we will have monthly house meetings at school during the day.
    September 23rd: 4th/5th Grade House Meeting
    September 30th: Whole School House Meeting
    October 21st: 4th/5th Grade House Meeting
    November 22nd: 4th/5th Grade House Meeting
    January 27th: 4th/5th Grade House Meeting
    February 24th: 4th/5th Grade House Meeting
    March 31st: 4th/5th Grade House Meeting
    April 28th: 4th/5th Grade House Meeting
    May 26th: 4th/5th Grade House Meeting


Last Modified on August 12, 2022