School-based Speech Language Pathologists work with other professionals to assist children with disabilities to access their education. This includes activities that have a  negative impact on their academics.  This may include identification/Evaluation of children with speech or language impairments, Diagnosis and appraisal of specific speech or language impairments; Referral for medical or other professional attention necessary for the habilitation of speech or language impairments.  SLP's will also work on the provision of speech and language services for  the habilitation of: Communication impairments, including form, content and function of language.  This will also include counseling and guidance of parents, children and teachers regarding speech and language impairments.

    All screens, evaluations, consultations, and interventions are performed by speech therapists licensed by the state of North Carolina.



    All children, who qualify for clinical (or outpatient) speech therapy, may not qualify for school-based services. A child's eligibility for services is determined by a multidisciplinary team that includes parents, educators, program facilitators, the student and other special service providers.  To qualify for school based speech therapy, a student's needs must impact their ability to access the school environment. 


Last Modified on December 8, 2013