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  • NC Department of Transportation confirmed that the bridge located on Old Airport Rd between Setter Ln SE & Crestmont Dr will be closed, impacting travel to the Cabarrus arena. Detour signage is clearly marked. See maps below for details.

Alternate Routes

  • Alternate Routes

Cabarrus Arena Parking

    2023 Graduation Parking Map

Closed Bridge

  • Road Closed

Google Map View

Important Note

  • Prohibited Items:

    Once again, guests will pass through security checks before entering the arena.

    Leave the following items in your vehicle:
    Noisemakers; Whistles, Airhorns, Bells, Balloons, Posters, Banners, Glass (Vases, etc.)

    Tobacco, Cigarettes, Vaping Paraphernalia, etc.
    Alcohol, Weapons; Guns, Knives, etc.
    Any items banned from high school property
    are prohibited in the arena.