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Student Information

  • Late students will be dealt with on an as-needed basis. The Assistant Superintendent of high schools will work with the principals in these situations.


    The principal has discretion as to whether the diplomas are handed out on stage or in the holding area.


    Regalia Guidelines / Dress Code

    • All students will wear a cap & gown.
    • Decorated caps will NOT be allowed - each school should have extra caps in the event someone shows up with a decorated hat.
    • Pins should NOT be worn on gowns at the graduation ceremony.
    • Cords ordered online by parents will NOT be allowed at graduation ceremonies.


    Military Dress Attire:

    • Full-dress uniform (aka ceremonial dress uniform/parade dress uniform) is the ONLY acceptable graduation attire.
      • Note: If you wear your full-dress uniform, it must be worn UNDER the graduation gown and with the graduation cap.
    • NO duty /combat uniform (aka field uniform or military fatigues). 
    • NO military boots are allowed, they must still wear dress shoes.
    • NO military regalia ( e.g. cords, stoles, pins, metals, etc. ) have been approved to wear over the graduation gown.


    For Students Wearing a Dress:

    • Dress
      • School dress code is appropriate; the color and pattern must NOT be obscene, fluorescent, or be able to be seen through the gown. 
    • Skirt/Blouse
      • Business Casual—a colored skirt that follows the same criteria above and a solid white dress shirt.
      • The skirt/dress must not be longer than your gown, not show at the top of your gown, and be no more than 3 inches above the knee. 
      • School-appropriate dresses must have straps at least 2 inches across the shoulder. (NO strapless gowns)
      • A white collar attached to the gown is permissible if desired.
      • Prom/party dresses, evening wear, and sundresses are not appropriate for graduation.
    • Shoes
      • Dark-colored or neutral shoes.  Sandals with a heel strap are permitted. 
      • Flip Flops are NOT appropriate for graduation. 
      • High heels are permissible, but remember that you will be doing a lot of walking and climbing stairs.



    For Students Wearing Slacks and a Shirt:

    • Shirt
      • Plain, White Dress Shirt with white collar. (Polo shirts are NOT appropriate for graduation)
    • Pants
      • MUST be solid dark or khaki dress slacks (NO cargo pockets). NO Jeans, shorts or other non-dress pants; these are NOT appropriate for graduation.
    • Shoes
      • Solid black, navy, brown, or tan dress shoes
      • Sneakers, flip-flops, sandals, boots, and other non-dress shoes are NOT appropriate for graduation.
      • Boat shoes are permissible if leather and unscuffed.
    • Socks
      • Socks are REQUIRED with all shoes. Designs are acceptable if worn under pants and must NOT be obscene.
    • Tie
      • All ties are acceptable; however, the visible part (knot and inch below) must be an appropriate solid color. If the tie has a design or pattern on the lower section, it must NOT be visible.