Welcome to the West Cabarrus High School Career & Technical Education Department! 


    WCHS CTE Leadership

    • Mr. Young - Instructional Management Coordinator (IMC)
      • Teacher Support, Instructional and Curriculum Support, CTE Inventory Management, CTE Testing, Department Chair


    • Mr. Wearing - Career Development Coordinator (CDC) / Work-Based Learning Coordinator
      • Student Support, STEM Academy Support, National Technical Honor Society, Co-Department Chair
        • WCHS Career Center, Career Fair, College Fair, Student Employability, Employer Contact


    Business, Marketing & Finance Education:

    • Mr. Mingo:  Business Management I and II
    • Ms. Darnell: Business Essentials and Career Management
    • Ms. Palma:  Business Essentials


    Family & Consumer Sciences Education:

    • Ms. Spoons:  Foods & Nutrition I
    • Chef Skornik: Foods and Nutrition II
    • Mrs. Roper:  Foods & Nutrition I, Principles of Family & Human Services
    • TBD:  Interior Design Fundamentals, Interior Design Studio


    Health Sciences Education:

    • TBD:  Health Science I and II Honors
    • Ms. Tobin:  Foundations of Health Science, HOSA Advisor


    Trade, Technology, Engineering, and Industrial Education:

    • Mr. Swayney:  Construction Core and Carpentry I and II
    • Ms. Jones:  Drafting I, Engineering Honors II and III, Architecture Honors II and III
    • Mr. Nicely:  Logistics I and II - Warehousing


    STEM Academy of Aviation & Aerospace:

    • Mr. English:  Aviation courses
    • Mr. Smith: Aviation Courses
    • Mr. French:  Avionics courses
    • Mr. Gardzielik: Aerospace Courses


    Our CTE department offers engaging and hands-on courses in the following CTE program areas:
    • Business, Finance, and Marketing Education
      • Business Essentials
      • Business Management (I, II, and Honors)
    • Career Development
      • Career Management
    • Family & Consumer Sciences Education
      • Foods and Nutrition (I, II, and Honors)
      • Principles of Family and Human Services
    • Health Sciences Education
      • Foundations of Health Science
      • Health Science I
      • Biomedical Technology
    • Trade, Technology, Engineering, and Industrial Education 
      • Construction
      • Carpentry I and II
      • Drafting I
      • Drafting II - Engineering
      • Drafter III - Engineering
      • Logistics I
      • Logistics II - Warehousing


    WCHS is also home to the STEM Academy of Aviation & Aerospace!  Click here for more information on our STEM Academy!
    Courses in our STEM Academy of Aviation & Aerospace include:
    • Intro to Flight
    • Careers in Aviation
    • Launching into Aviation
    • The Flying Environment
    • Avionic Systems 

    Click below for our detailed WCHS CTE Career Pathways and Course Sequencing.
    Click here to go to WCHS CTE Career Pathways and Course Sequencing.  

    Click below to go to our WCHS Career Center site.
    Click here to go to the WCHS Career Center!

    What is CTE Infographic

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