Bus Information

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    Need Bus Transportation?

    Students who live within West Cabarrus High School boundaries may request bus transportation. Please keep the following in mind:

    1. Students who attended school as a Plan C student before December 14 and scheduled to begin attending school 2-days/week are NOT automatically assigned to a bus. Parents must download, complete, and send back the bus request form via email to emily.angles@cabarrus.k12.nc.us.

    • Requests may take up to 10-days before being approved and communicated to the parent and student. Parents will be responsible for providing transportation to their children until the request is approved.

    2. Students who were previously assigned to a bus and actively riding before December 14 are still assigned to their bus.

    3. Students who do not ride the bus for 10-or-more consecutive days lose their bus assignment. Parents must submit another bus request if they want CCS to provide transportation (please see number 1 from above).


    General Bus Reminders and Expectations

    · All student riders are expected to know their assigned bus number.

    • Student questions about which bus a student is assigned must be sent to the front office BEFORE 1:30 PM on school days. This allows WCHS staff ample time to look up and communicate to the student and teacher necessary bus information for dismissal.
      • Transportation is the responsibility of the parent/guardian of students NOT currently assigned to a bus. Bus requests must be made in advance of needed transportation. Please see number 1 above regarding bus requests.

    · Unexpected bus changes are sometimes necessary. Students boarding their bus should confirm that the driver is going to West Cabarrus High School if the bus number that arrives at the bus stop does not match their assigned bus. Any bus changes for the afternoon will be announced before dismissal.

    · Students should arrive at his/her assigned bus stop 10 minutes before the scheduled time listed on the bus pass and remain for 10 minutes beyond the scheduled time of arrival if the bus is running earlier or later than expected.

    · New students who are approved to ride a bus and receive a bus pass must bring the approved bus pass with them to show the driver the first day they ride the bus.