Important Information

  • Graduation is at 4 pm at Cabarrus Arena & Events Center - doors will open to the public at 3 pm and seating is first come, first serve with no reserving seats allowed. 

    Every human needs a ticket to attend the event.  Age does not matter. 

    Seniors will be asked to arrive at the arena by 2:00 pm and park in the back of the arena.  Carpooling helps reduce traffic for everyone! 


    Graduation Dress Code Guidelines

    The following guidelines will be strictly enforced for the graduation ceremony. Please be sure you pay careful attention so that you will be allowed to participate in the ceremony. Students not following the guidelines provided will be asked to return home to change clothes.

    Graduates may choose the guidelines (A or B) they are most comfortable with but must follow the guidelines as outlined.

    All graduates must have a cap and gown from Jostens!

    Caps may NOT be decorated & should include the silver, red & black tassel that came with your cap & gown – no medals or diamond encrusted numbers allowed!

    If you don’t have a gown and plan to participate, you need to see Mrs. Hayes in A218 ASAP


    Guideline A

    · Dress should not be longer than your graduation gown

    · Dress should not show at the top of your graduation gown

    · Dresses may be any color and should not show through the graduation gown

    · Optional - White collar should be attached to your gown. Please try to have them sewn into the gown because the stickers don’t last. Safety pins can also be used if the collar will still fit properly. NOT REQUIRED!

    · Shoes need to be dark colored or neutral - NO Flip Flops allowed. NO Tennis Shoes - MUST BE DRESS SHOES! 

    Be sure you can walk comfortably & safely in your shoes on polished concrete floors (very slippery!) High heels are not recommended – we have a long walk and will be moving quickly.


    Guideline B

    · Solid White Dress Shirt with White Collar – no stripes, no different colored collar, no polo shirts

    · Solid Dark or Khaki Dress Slacks (no cargo pockets)

    · Solid Black, Navy, Brown or Tan dress shoes - NO Tennis Shoes! 

    · Dark Colored Necktie or Bowtie – solid colors preferred.