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Cyber Security Symposium

2023 Cyber Security Symposium

Cabarrus College of Early Technology hosted its inaugural Cyber Security Symposium sponsored by Wells Fargo where executives and engineers from the east coast celebrated what cyber security means to them and their teams, shared their stories, experiences, and explained what it takes to work in the broad world of cyber security.  With special thanks to William Edmond, Mike Sbandi, Molly Morgan, Lance Ragland, Chirag Sheth, David Mitchell, Adrian Wood, David Zendzian, Sean Murray, Israel Curiel, and Angel Farley for presenting and a heartfelt thank you to Rick Vosteen, Raechel Curiel, Eric Reece, Cliff Kinchen, and Ian Lassonde, for volunteering and bringing snacks.

During the symposium, presenters passionately shared about their work in a wide range of topics from vulnerability management, application security, kernel hacking, becoming a strategist and how it to incorporate it in everyday life, how different teams interact in the technology landscape, training, first job expectations, pen testing, data analytics and how it’s used in everyday life, different organizations that help aspiring cyber security professionals, how to overcome failure, and cloud security. A few key themes that students were able to come away with were that not everyone started in cyber security or analytics, it has become a passion for each individual, and no journey is exactly the same.