• College Pathways

    Whether you want to continue with school at a 4-year college/university or begin your career after graduation, we at Cabarrus Tech are committed to helping you find your pathway and supporting you on your journey.  Our academic environment and caring faculty will prepare you to meet the challenges of which ever pathway you choose.  You will have a variety of options to choose the one that best fits you.After all, it is Your Path, Your Future.

    College Transfer Pathway

    For students wanting to continue their education at a 4­–year college/university, this pathway offers the ability to earn 2 years of fully transferable college credit. These degrees focus on the core general education requirements of all majors as well as some pre-major course work. 

    Degrees offered:

    Associate in Arts (AA)

    Associate in Science (AS)


    ·      Art

    ·      Biology

    ·      Business

    ·      Computer Science

    ·      Criminal Justice

    ·      Education

    ·      Engineering

    ·      Exercise Science

    ·      Law

    ·      Medicine

    ·      Nursing

    ·      Political Science

    ·      Psychology

    ·      Sociology


    Career & Technical Pathway

    The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) – For students wanting to jump start their career upon graduation, the AAS degree is a technical degree that provides students with the technical knowledge and skills necessary for a variety of career fields.  Students with an AAS degree can enroll in a four-year college/university; however, some of the courses may not transfer.  

    Degrees offered:

    ·    Computer Programing & Development

    ·    Cybersecurity

    ·    Cosmotology


    ·    Light-Duty Diesel

    ·    Motorsports Management



    ·    Air-Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration

    ·    Construction Management

    ·    Electrical Systems Technology


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Last Modified on February 8, 2022