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    Application Information

    Cabarrus County is home to the Cabarrus Kannapolis Early College, the Cabarrus Early College of Technology and the Cabarrus Health Science Institute.  Students will need to select each early college they wish to apply to on the application.  If a student only applies to Cabarrus Tech, then they will only be considered for Cabarrus Tech.  Students that apply to all three schools will be considered by all 3.  If the student is offered  admission into multiple early colleges, the student will decide which offer to accept.


       Must be a resident of Cabarrus County (Those living in the Kannapolis City Schools District can ONLY apply to Cabarrus Kannapolis Early College.)

       Must apply during 8th grade year.  (For students currently enrolled in a Cabarrus County high school that want to take community college classes, they should contact their school counselors and ask about the Career and College Promise Program.)


      Application - Students will complete the application online from the Cabarrus County Schools - School Choice website. 

      Interviews - As part of the application process, both the students and parents must participate in an interview.  Applicants will be contacted to schedule the interviews.

      Notification -  After all interviews are completed, all applicants are notified on their Scribble account as to the status of their application.


    Important Dates

    School Applications:  Applications for the 2022-2023 school year will be open from October 17 - December 16th.

    Future Fair:               October 17th at the Cabarrus Arena

    Cabarrus Tech Prospective Student Night:  November 2nd at Cabarrus Tech