We are an exciting, STEM focused early college that is part of Cabarrus County Schools and located on the CBTC Campus of RCCC.  STEM education is more than preparing you to design and build robots, work in a lab, or program computers.   STEM helps you learn that:

    • Math & Science are used to understand the world around us.
    • Technology is used to interact with the world around us.
    • Engineering is a thinking process used to solve everyday problems in the world around us

    From farming, to writing, to business, all jobs use STEM skills to be successful. At Cabarrus Tech, we prepare you to meet the challenges of whatever career you choose.

    As a Cabarrus Tech student, you have the opportunity to earn an associate degree while you are still in high school and our campus offers you a wide variety of degrees and programs to choose from.  Whether you want to continue your education at a 4‑year college/university or start your career when you graduate, we have a path for you.

    At Cabarrus Tech, we will provide you with an environment that is challenging and supportive, a curriculum designed to help you grow in the classroom and as a person, and many opportunities to get involved and to stay connected.

    For more information check out the following:
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    School Colors: Black and Red
    Mascot: Cobra
    Motto: Scientia est rex.  Knowledge is King.