• Who should apply?

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    High School students...

    Who are in danger of not graduating on time due to attendance problems.
    Who have a strong desire to graduate from high school.
    Who have self-discipline and motivation to work.
    Who have home/social issues that require a flexible schedule.
    Who are detached from the school environment.
    Who may be new enrollees struggling to adapt to the school due to their recent move.
    Who are home-bound students.who are on the path to being suspended due to minor behavior problems (but not already suspended).

    Who may have other unique circumstances that are interfering with graduating from high school.
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  • Is there a priority list?

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    Students who are seniors or have just dropped out will receive the highest priority.
    After that, student priority will be on a numerical system based on their completed application, a review of the academic folder, BASI score, and their interview.
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  • Who can refer a student?

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    Anyone can refer a student.

    A student may self-refer.
    Students must have attempted one year of high school before being referred.
    Students must have a reasonable chance of completing the credit requirements before they age out of public school.

    This can be determined with a transcript audit.
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  • Will the PLC be easier than the traditional High School?

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    What is the PLC?

    Performance Learning Center (PLC) is a small, non-traditional high school geared toward students who are not succeeding in a traditional school setting. The PLC incorporates a caring philosophy and approach that combines strong personal relationships between staff and students with a focus on academic achievement. 

    PLC has a capacity of up to 150 students. There is an abundance of natural light and the ambiance is quiet and calm. Classrooms are comfortable with a variety of student seating options. The maximum ratio of teacher to students is 1:18. It is easy to get one-on-one help from a teacher.

    The PLC offers a “blended curriculum” which means that courses combine teacher led instruction and activities with online assignments. The online content may include videos, interactive activities, quizzes, and tests. Students will still read books, write papers, and work on projects. 


    Trying to decide if the PLC might be for you? Ask yourself:

    Do I prefer a smaller school environment?

    Do I prefer more teacher interaction?

    Am I self-motivated and willing to work hard?

    Am I mature enough to work independently?


    What’s new at the PLC?

    Students at the PLC are expected to complete course requirements within each ninety day semester.

    Students at the PLC are expected to attend school, in person, all five days. 

    The PLC has adopted a framework to allow students to earn 10 credits a year. The PLC has shifted to a 5-period daily schedule that allows students an opportunity to recover credits and/or work towards early graduation. Class periods are approximately 75 minutes long. 

    PLC students are required to participate in teacher led classroom activities as well as complete online assignments. 

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  • What about attendance?

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    Students in the PLC will be required to have a 95% attendance rate. However, appeals will be conducted immediately and not at the end of the semester.
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  • What about transportation?

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    Transportation will be provided for the PLC just as it is for all other schools in our system.
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Last Modified on July 25, 2022