• Welcome to the Centennial School District

    Bienvenido al Distrito Escolar de Centennial

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    Superintendent James Owens


    Dear Centennial Community,

    It is a pleasure and privilege to serve the district and community that supported me as a student. Given my connection with the district over the past 30 years, I appreciate the Centennial Community’s strong traditions and its increasingly diverse population of students and families.

    Our district’s 750 teachers, staff, and administrators serve approximately 6,000 students at eleven schools, plus four partner schools. Centennial is unique in many ways, and I believe what distinguishes us is our ongoing dedication to provide our students and community with the exceptional educational opportunities they deserve.

    Our mission is “Collaborating in Community ~ Cultivating Equity ~ Inspiring Excellence” and guides our five-year strategic plan, Destination 2023, focusing on four priority areas:

    • Student Focused Teaching & Learning
    • Healthy Culture & Environment
    • Community & Partnerships
    • Effective Systems & Programs

    Equity is the foundation of this work.  Each learner in the Centennial School District will receive what they need to thrive in our schools, regardless of their circumstances. We recognize we still have a lot of work to do to ensure that every student succeeds.  We are committed to reaching this goal.

    The 2022-2023 school year will be both an eventful and an exciting one in Centennial. We will be undertaking several important activities connected to our Strategic Plan, Destination 2023, including:

    • Implementing plans established in 2021-2022:
      • 6th grade transitioning to the middle school level
      • Oliver Middle School opening as a second middle school for the District
      • Attendance boundary adjustments for all K-8 schools
    • Completing bond projects, thanks to voter support of the May 2020 bond
    • Strategic Planning for 2023 and beyond

    As we proceed throughout this school year, there will be opportunities for you to contribute input and engagement. We invite you to join us in our journey to provide an excellent educational experience for all Centennial students. 




    James Owens