2020 Bond

2020 Bond

  • On May 19, 2020, voters in the Centennial School District approved a $65 million bond, requiring a tax rate of $1.19 per $1000 of assessed property value for bond repayment. Find the ballot measure language here.

    Since the measure was approved, the school district received a matching grant of $7,464,690 from the state. A simple majority was required for the approval of Measure 26-208. The school district will have paid off older bond obligations before these bonds are issued. This means that the property tax to repay the bonds will not increase the existing rate of $1.19 per $1000 of assessed property value. 


Background: Proposed Bond Projects

  • The Centennial School District 28J proposed the following projects to be funded by the bond:

    • re-purpose Oliver Elementary School as a middle school;
    • build gymnasiums for Meadows, Parklane, Patrick Lynch, and Powell Butte Elementary Schools;
    • repair roofing;
    • repave school parking lots;
    • update drainage systems; and
    • modernize heating units.

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Projects for Each School

  • Click on each of the schools below to see what projects are taking place thanks to the community's support of the 2020 Bond.

  • Butler Creek Elementary

  • Centennial High School

  • Centennial Middle School

  • Meadows Elementary

  • Oliver

  • Parklane Elementary

  • Patrick Lynch Elementary

  • Pleasant Valley Elementary

  • Powell Butte Elementary