Board of Trustees
  • Welcome to a meeting of your school board! 

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    We are always pleased when you take the time to join us! Your interest in the Centennial School District and your presence at a board meeting are appreciated. Our board, as elected school board members, is interested in your concerns and opinions. Your participation is a vital part of our school system’s success.

    We hope that attending a school board meeting will give you a better understanding of just how the school district operates. We encourage public participation in our meetings and welcome your comments. Time is set aside during the “Public Forum” portion of each regular board meeting to hear the views of the community, staff, and students. If you are interested in addressing the board, please review the procedures for public comment listed under Public Forum below. If you attend a board meeting just to listen and learn, that is great! Just sit back and get a feel for “democracy in action." 

    PUBLIC COMMENT: During hybrid meetings, those wishing to make public comments must submit information via an on-line form which can be found here. 

    If you wish to reach out directly to the Board, you may email your comments or concerns to

    Copies of the board meeting agenda, as well as minutes from previous meetings, are available on our district website. The board tries to have a brief recess break at approximately 8:00 pm, though, you are free to leave whenever you wish.

    We encourage you to submit your comments and questions to the superintendent’s office. All items on the agenda originate through the superintendent’s office. If there is a particular item that you feel should be addressed by the board, please contact the superintendent’s office. You may also write or call to request a personal conference with the superintendent by contacting:

    If you wish to reach out directly to the board, please email your comments or concerns to


    Melissa 'Missy' Grindle
    Exec. Asst. to the Superintendent and Board Secretary

    Centennial School District
    18135 SE Brooklyn Street
    Portland, Oregon, 97236-1049



    The board is responsible for setting up the district’s mission, vision and priorities.


    Centennial School District builds authentic relationships with our diverse community that equitably engages and honors all voices. We intentionally implement rigorous, culturally relevant and evidence-based practices to cultivate academic excellence for each student.


    Collaborating in Community – Cultivating Equity – Inspiring Excellence


    Name and Title

    Position and Zone

    Term Expires

    David Linn, Board Member


    1 – Zone 1  



    June 2025


      Ronald "Jess" Hardin, Board Member  


    2 – Zone 2  


    June 2023  

    Claudia Andrews, Board Member  


    3 – Zone 3  


    June 2025  

    Pam Shields, Vice Chair  


    4 – At Large  


    June 2023  

    Rose Solowski, Chair  

    5 – At Large  

    June 2023  

    *Melissa Standley, Board Member  

    6 – At Large  

    June 2025  

    *Roger Gregory, Board Member  


    7 – At Large  


    June 2025  

    *Appointed positions based on member vacancy.  
    These seats will appear in the May 2023 Special Election, with a 2-year unexpired term ending June 30, 2025.
    For  more information regarding elections, please see Multnomah County Special Elections