e-Link for Families

  • Bus Route information can be found on e-Link. Instructions below:


    e-Link is a powerful and easy-to-use web-based application that will let you look up transportation related information via the Internet. You can look up information for your students by using their personal information as login credentials. e-Link is updated regularly, allowing you to get the most accurate information throughout the school year. Click below to access e-Link. Go To e-Link

    e-Link Instructions – Below are instructions for the use of e-Link. 

    e-Link Use Instructions

    1. Accessing e-Link
    a. Use this link in your web browser to connect to e-Link.
    b. Login using the public access user name and password (see figure 1).
    Username = first.last (student's name)
    Password = mmddyyyy (student's birthdate)

    Figure-1 elink

    (Figure 1)

    2. Under the students tab select "view my students"

    3. Choose the student's name

    4. View routing information provided

  • Please submit any stop or route evaluation requests in writing to the Transportation Department for review. All concerns will be reviewed and responded to in the order they are received.