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Welcome, all NEW families to the Huntington Beach City School District! Please note online enrollment for the 2023-24 school year opens on Friday, February 17, 2023.

Please follow the new student enrollment process detailed in the steps below. 

School Calendar 2022-2023

School Calendar 2023-2024

  • To register a new student, you must have a valid address within the Huntington Beach City School District attendance area. Please visit the HBCSD MySchoolLocator to verify your student's district's attendance area and to find your school of residence.
  • After determining your school of residence complete the Online Pre-Enrollment Application for your student.

Below is a list of documents you will need to enroll in the Huntington Beach City School District. Please make sure you have all the necessary documents at the time of online enrollment. 

Verification of Identity

  • Driver's License (any photo driver's license or CA ID card permitted)
    • Note: The address on the identification must match the "Proof of Residency" documents submitted (i.e. property tax receipt, utility bill, etc...) IF your ID does not match your address complete the following steps:
      • Watch this DMV video for instructions on how to change your address.
      • Visit the DMV website to change your address: 
      • Provide a copy of the completed paper or online form to the school of residence. 
      • Provide a copy of the confirmation from the DMV that your address has been changed to the school of residence. 
  • A government-issued photo ID.
    • If you are an agent or representative of social services or foster care agency, appropriate identification is required.

Proof of Residency

Submit two of the following that reflects your name and current address provided during online enrollment. 

Note: Service and mailing addresses on all submitted documents must be the same residential address within HBCSD boundaries; P.O. Box addresses and utility service disconnection notices will not be accepted.

  • Property tax payment receipt
  • Rental property agreement, lease, or payment receipt
  • Utility service contract, statement, or payment receipt
    • Current Gas and Electric are the only utility service contracts accepted.
      In the event a utility service connection is used as proof of residency, then a utility bill must be provided within 45 days to assure continued enrollment. 
  • Paystub
  • Voter registration
  • Correspondence from a government agency

Completed Residency Verification Form

A residency verification form must be completed by all families and is designed to verify residency within the district's student boundary and a specific school's attendance area. In cases in which residency is in question, the school district may conduct a residency investigation. Residency verification is a parent responsibility and falsification of information provided on this document will be grounds for immediate cancellation of enrollment. Please click on the "HBCSD Residency Verification Form and Affidavit" link below to access the document.

NOTE: For families currently living in a co-residency home, the "HBCSD Co-Residency Form" listed below must also be completed and attached to the "HCBSD Residency Verification and Affidavit Form". 

Student Services Questionnaire

All new students to HBCSD will complete the Student Services Questionnaire below to indicate if a student is involved in any Special Programs or if there are any custody orders for the student.  

Student Immunization Records

Click on the link below for an explanation of the student health requirements for school entry including immunization records for Preschool and Grades TK/K - 8th.

Health Immunization Form (TK - 1st Grade)

All Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and 1st-grade students must have completed a physical examination no more than six months prior to entering transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, and/or 1st grade. Click on the link below to access the form. 

Other important documents to upload during online enrollment:

  • Student's birth certificate or valid passport.
  • Academic transcript or report card from the previous school. Prior school records to be requested by the school site. 
  • Student IEP/504 documents, if applicable.
  • GATE letter from the previous district, if applicable.
  • ELPAC language test documentation, if applicable.

Students will be assigned to a school of residence during online enrollment. The following options are available to families to complete enrollment. As we focus on safety precautions for staff and the school community, all required documents will be requested and collected electronically for new student enrollments. 

Schools automatically receive all completed online student enrollments. Please contact your school of residence only if you are unable to submit the necessary documents online. 

HBCSD School Information:

School Email Phone #
Eader El. 714-962-2451
Hawes El. 714-963-8302
Moffett El. 714-963-8985
Peterson El. 714-378-1515
Seacliff El. 714-841-7081
Smith El. 714-536-1469
Dwyer MS 714-536-7507 
Sowers MS 714-962-7738