• scott 

    Mr. Scott Nolt, K-12 Lead Instructional Designer & Facilitator



    My name is Scott Nolt and I am excited to be at Cabarrus Virtual Academy. I am the Lead Instructional Designer and facilitator at CVA and will be supporting all staff in designing ad facilitating effective online courses and classes. 

    I was born and grew up in Manitoba Canada and moved to North Carolina for college. I graduated from Pfeiffer University with a BA in history and philosophy and earned my MEd from UNC Charlotte in Learning, Design & Technology concentrating on Online Learning and Teaching. I am currently working on an EdD in Curriculum & Instruction at University of South Carolina, researching instruction to develop students’ critical thinking. I have been teaching blended and hybrid courses for eight years and have worked with the staff at UNCC supporting online learning and developing their online and hybrid classes. 

    My online learning and teaching philosophy is for students to learn through authentic inquiry and interacting with disciplinary content, their peers and the instructor and to develop community and belonging in by valuing student’s unique contexts and perspectives and making learning relevant and authentic.


    At Cabarrus Virtual our instructional priorities are

    • Learner centered inquiry and student demonstration of learning 
    • Learning that allows for student flexibility and control over pace and time of learning 
    • Interaction - maximizing student to content, student to student, and student to teacher interactions
    • Building community through social, cognitive and teacher presence