• Evaluating a school’s learning environment and organization is important for school districts. Our independent research partner, K12 Insight developed the School Quality Survey so a variety of stakeholders — instructional staff, administrators, parents/guardians, and students — could assess their school and their experiences. This survey instrument includes items that each of these stakeholders can respond to, allowing for rich analysis of perceptions across stakeholder groups. Your feedback is one way for us to engage in an ongoing, two-way dialogue, which is a critical step to our district providing the best educational experience for all students. This survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Our research partner, K12 Insight, is administering the survey and analyzing results. Reports will not identify individuals, and only overall data will be shown. No one in Cabarrus County Schools will know if you participated unless you identify yourself in the open-ended comments. If you have questions about this survey or your confidentiality, please contact K12 Insight at east@k12insight.com.


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