• Patrick Lynch Elementary

    School Profile

    Patrick Lynch Logo


    Address: 1546 SE 169th Pl, Portland, OR 97233

    Phone: 503-762-3203

    Website: www.csd28j.org/pe 

    Principal: Jeffrey Cerveny

    Grades: K-6 (2021-22); K-5 (starting in Fall 2022)

    Mascot: Lions


    Vision: Patrick Lynch Elementary supports the growth of the whole child through an integrated curriculum. Students gain a love of learning through differentiated, engaging, and relevant learning experiences which reflect students’ needs. As an inclusive diverse community, we provide a respectful, positive, and welcoming environment where all students are guided to meet their potential.

    Mission: We inspire all students to be academically and socially successful within a caring community.

    Basic Comprehensive Achievement Plan (CAP) Goals: 

    All staff have the skills & supports to deliver effective instruction that is relevant and responsive for all studentsIntegrated teaming is supported by professional development, coaching and data in order to tier supports and interventions for students Stakeholders generate shared definitions and agreement upon common metrics regarding healthy school culture and climate.  Ensure safe and secure facilities that support teaching and learningPartnerships support core programming and processes to increase access and supports for all students


    Academic School Day Program

    Music, PE, gardening classes with Growing Gardens, Social-Emotional learning, 

    Title I (K-5), Outdoor School (grade 6)

    School-wide Enrichment Programs: 

    Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN), Gardening, Recycling, and Origami Clubs, Rainbow Club 

    Standard District Services/Programs: 

    English Language Development (ELD), Special Education

    Parent/Family Partnership Opportunities: Booster Club

    2020 Bond Project Improvements at Patrick Lynch Elementary:

    New, dedicated 7,000 square foot gymnasium facilityDrainage improvementsSafety and security updates (security vestibule, fire alarm, intercom, cameras, intrusion alarms, IT infrastructure New lighting throughout the schoolFloor tile removal and polishing of concrete floors in corridors and the cafeteriaExpanded playground equipmentExtensive roof repairsMechanical improvements

    Oregon at-a-Glance School Profile: www.csd28j.org/Page/1099